Benefits Enjoyed By Students Of Hotel Management Colleges In India

The tourism country has seen a big boom in the past few years. People no longer want to spend their holidays visiting their relatives, instead they prefer to take a nice and relaxed holiday to some beautiful part of their country or the world. With the number of tourists and visitors increasing, the number hotels and resorts, offering comfortable and luxurious accommodations for these tourists, has also increased. These hotels and resorts are expected to cater to all the needs of their guests, offer them the most pleasant and comfortable staying experience, and ensure that the guests feel special and happy while on their holiday. In order to provide this luxury experience to their guests, hotels need to hire competent staff. It is for this reason precisely, the number of opportunities for students, who has done their studies from one of the top hotel management colleges, have increased manifold.

 VatelAnsal University: Best rated  hotel management college in India

VatelAnsal University: Best rated hotel management college in India


The competition between the various hotels and resorts in the country has become very stiff, especially because of the entry of some of the big hotel chains from around the world. Therefore, the hotels cannot afford to offer their guests substandard or mediocre services. Hence, these hotels are interested in hiring only those individuals for working with them, who have proper knowledge and training in the hospitality industry. Thus, anyone who wants to make a career for himself or herself in the hospitality industry, must join the hotel management colleges in India.

There are many benefits that students who join these hotel management colleges enjoy. Some of those benefits have been discussed below:

Practical Training And Knowledge

It may sound like a simple job, where all one is required to fulfill the needs of the guests, but the truth is that, in order to effectively perform this job a lot of training is required. When a student joins a hotel management college, he or she learns about all the technical jobs that they can be expected to perform while working in a hotel. From management level jobs, to handling the food and beverages section of the hotel, there are tons of jobs which need to be performed in order to provide the customers with the best holiday experience. The hotel management colleges ensure that their students have the basic knowledge of all the departments so that in case of emergency, they are able to perform any task and ensure that the guests do not feel any sort of discomfort.

Personality Development

One of the most important skills that a person needs to possess in order to be successful in the hospitality industry, is people’s skill. The person should be able to effectively communicate with people and leave a positive impression on their minds. The top hotel management college, like the Ansal University, helps develop this communication skill in all their students. From providing their students with training about how to conduct a professional and effective communication, to teaching them basic personality traits like how to walk, sit and conduct themselves in difficult situations, these colleges help in transforming the personality of their naïve students into seasoned professionals.

Opening Up Opportunities In The Entire Hospitality Industry

There are many students who feel that if they join the hotel management courses, their career opportunities will become extremely restricted. They would only be able to find employment in the hotel industry and in case they do not want to join the same, there would be no other options for them. However, this is not true. By completing a course in hotel management, career options in the entire hospitality industry open up for you. Thus, if you are not interested in joining the hotel industry, you can always apply to the aviation sector. You can also join the big corporate company and handle their PR work by becoming a relationship manager for that company. Therefore, it is quite obvious that a hotel management course does not restrict the career opportunities for individuals, rather it opens up many different and interesting venues in almost every field of work.

In the recent years, thanks to the increased awareness about the same, more and more students have started joining these best hotel management colleges, making the hotel management course one of the most popular courses.

The Various Hotel Management Courses Offered By Different Hotel Management Colleges

Whenever we talk about hotel management courses, people generally have the opinion that these courses are meant only for those individuals who want to make a career for themselves in the hotel industry. For anyone looking for employment outside this industry, this hotel management degree would be a complete waste. However, this is not true at all. The hotel management degree opens up the path for a successful career in any and all hospitality industries, like aviation, event management, etc. In fact, even the other corporate companies are looking for graduates from these hotel management colleges to handle their PR work for them. Thus, by choosing the right college and course in hotel management, you can enter any industry of your choice and become a huge success in that field of work.


There are many different colleges offering this course in hotel management. With the increasing popularity of this course, the number of colleges offering it has also increased. The students need to be, however, careful to ensure that they choose one of the top hotel management colleges for their studies. Similarly, along with choosing the right college, it is also important that the right course in hotel management is also selected. There are three major courses or educational alternatives in hotel management between which the studentscan choose from.

The three hotel management courses have been detailed below:

Vocational Courses Or Diploma Courses

There are many colleges and other smaller institutes which offer these diploma and certification courses in hotel management. These courses are for a short duration like 3 months, 6 months or 9 months. The eligibility criteria for joining these courses is that the student should have at least completed his or her class 10th. The structure of these courses helps students in getting an understanding of the basics of hotel management and also teaches them the special and important skills that they would require for this industry. Some of the colleges and schools offering these diploma courses also offer internship opportunities to their students as well. These courses are also taken by people who are already working in the hospitality industry, for the purpose of improving their knowledge and skills, and adding a degree to their resume so that better opportunities in the field of hotel management open up for them.

Bachelors Degree In Hotel Management

Instead of doing your graduation in science, arts or commerce, if you are sure that you want to make a career in the hospitality industry, it is better to get a bachelors degree in hotel management. There are many good colleges, like the VatelAnsal University, which offer this graduation degree to its students. Like any other graduation course, the duration of this course is also generally 3 years, however, in some cases, depending on the curriculum of the college, this period can get extended. This generally happens, if the college requires its students to do an internship compulsorily for a period of 3 or 6 months, in order to ensure that along with the theoretical knowledge, the graduates from its college, also have the necessary work experience as well. These courses are extremely comprehensive and cover almost all areas of work in the industry like accounting, administration, housekeeping, etc.

MBA Or Masters Degree In Hotel Management

Once a student has successfully completed his or her bachelors degree, they then become eligible to apply to hotel management colleges, offering an MBA degree or a masters degree in hotel managements. However, the bachelors degree is hotel management is not compulsory. The student may have completed their bachelor’s degree in any stream and yet he or she would be absolutely eligible to apply for a master’s degree in hotel management. Like any other MBA programs, these courses are also for duration of two years and are considered to be specialization courses, where the students have the option of choosing a particular field of work within the hospitality industry and specialize in the same. The first year would give the students a general view and understanding of all the aspects related to hotel management and in the second year, the students can choose their specialization.

Thus, based on personal choice and circumstances, students have the freedom to choose between the above options for getting a degree in hotel management.

Want to pursue Hotel Management, Join Vatel Ansal University

From the last few decades, Hospitality industry has made remarkable strides, and in spite of economic, political and social crises, it remains a safe bet for the long term. Faced with the rapid growth, the hospitality profession has been transformed into a competitive industry, always in need of operational and senior managers capable of working in hotel management in a multicultural, complex and global context.

Vatel has included these major evolutions for over 35 years and is now successfully training students in the corporate hub of the Delhi NCR, School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University is working on the French/Indian model of education. Students who are considering making a career in hospitality industry must be prepared for an international experience.

Keeping this in mind, Vatel,Ansal University gives students the opportunity to spend the second year in a different Vatel school, located in any part of world. This is an opportunity where student discover a different country, a new culture, while learning an additional foreign language and continuing their studies. Later on students can also do their internship in the host country.

The unique feature of VatelAnsal University makes it remarkable among other hotel management colleges in India. School of tourism and hotel management at Ansal University offers an exceptional hospitality management courses in Delhi NCR which houses all professional application structure, classrooms for theoretical courses, sporting facilities and student residences. Ranked as the No. 1 private Hotel Management colleges in Delhi NCR, Vatel, Ansal University offers a three year program where from the very first year, students start the practical training in the application structure, so as to comfort the realities of hospitality profession later on. International Internship allows them to apply their know-how and hospitality skills, to have a true experience of working as a part of team and to try & test the environment they will be working in the future. The school offers a combination of quality teaching, industrial exposure along with the skill based training which enables Vatel, Ansal University to be counted among best hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR.

As a result, the graduating students can look forward for career opportunities as Operational/Management trainees in Hotel core areas, Flight kitchens, Inflight services, Cruise liners, Fast food chains, Hospital and institutional catering, Resort management, self-employed through entrepreneurship, Multinational companies and other allied areas of hospitality industry. Vatel, Ansal University has state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organisation culture, to nature thinking and critical understanding needed in pursuit of professional knowledge and competence. The school believes to empower students to explore the unknown, through passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching & research. The dedicated professional team of experts delivers an exciting curriculum based on international standards with special emphasis on the leadership development and craft based learning.

Why to choose Best Hotel Management courses from top colleges

It has been widely established that even the skills oriented programs need to be consistently updated with the changing trends and market conditions.

Besides this the conventional pedagogies have often been questioned by the leading academicians of top hotel management colleges in hospitality sector. The gap between industry expectations and supplied manpower by many hotel management colleges in Delhi remains conspicuously wide and much of that is attributed to the apathy and obliviousness of such institutions to the market requirements. Given this scenario and constantly rising hospitality sector in the country, the need of hotel management courses in Delhi that take cognizance of the latest developments in the area and constantly yearn to equip their pupils with the most appropriate knowledge and skills cannot be negated. Besides this reasoning, the centers of hospitality learning must possess the expertise to impart necessary skills among students and above all should be able to inspire them in the face of challenges and competition.

The takeaway point from this explication is that for opting a career in this much coveted yet demanding field, selection of Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi is for learning is done meticulously. It goes without saying that the top hotel management colleges should be chosen for the studies in order to provide a springboard for the future career in the field. Good hotel management colleges are characterized by a combination of attributes that converge together in preparing the students.

A well-established infrastructure that is evidence by the presence of physical learning spaces and well equipped and accessible laboratories, information technology enabled campus, stronger industrial ties, and superior flow of communication between instructors and learners are some of many crucial features that a centre of hospitality learning should possess. In addition to that the quality and attitude of the teachers and trainers can go a long way in deciding the quality graduates stepping into the industry.

A hand on experience to the students is also the need of the hour and has been well acknowledged by leading managers and scholars alike. Internationally bench-marked hotel management courses show signs of consistency in terms of progressive outlook, imbibe best teaching practices, install state-of-the-art infrastructure and encourage their pupils in assuming leadership oriented roles. From the students’ perspective the journey after college becomes considerably convenient and presence of a stronger image of the Alma mater profoundly impacts the graduates’ reception in various reputed organisations. This however, could be just the opposite if subnormal places of study are chosen for pursuing hospitality programs, because after the completion of academic tenure the students are scarcely absorbed in good companies and likelihood of assignment of higher roles and positions also remains uncertain.

In conclusion it wouldn’t be an overstatement that hospitality is a global industry and a discipline that continues to evolve, therefore the actors in this domain, who in the beginning may not possess the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed, however, choice of the good hotel management colleges in Delhi for learning would certainly prepare them for the task, only if the institution they choose is at par with the international standards and functions in the right spirit of knowledge dissemination.