The Various Hotel Management Courses Offered By Different Hotel Management Colleges

Whenever we talk about hotel management courses, people generally have the opinion that these courses are meant only for those individuals who want to make a career for themselves in the hotel industry. For anyone looking for employment outside this industry, this hotel management degree would be a complete waste. However, this is not true at all. The hotel management degree opens up the path for a successful career in any and all hospitality industries, like aviation, event management, etc. In fact, even the other corporate companies are looking for graduates from these hotel management colleges to handle their PR work for them. Thus, by choosing the right college and course in hotel management, you can enter any industry of your choice and become a huge success in that field of work.


There are many different colleges offering this course in hotel management. With the increasing popularity of this course, the number of colleges offering it has also increased. The students need to be, however, careful to ensure that they choose one of the top hotel management colleges for their studies. Similarly, along with choosing the right college, it is also important that the right course in hotel management is also selected. There are three major courses or educational alternatives in hotel management between which the studentscan choose from.

The three hotel management courses have been detailed below:

Vocational Courses Or Diploma Courses

There are many colleges and other smaller institutes which offer these diploma and certification courses in hotel management. These courses are for a short duration like 3 months, 6 months or 9 months. The eligibility criteria for joining these courses is that the student should have at least completed his or her class 10th. The structure of these courses helps students in getting an understanding of the basics of hotel management and also teaches them the special and important skills that they would require for this industry. Some of the colleges and schools offering these diploma courses also offer internship opportunities to their students as well. These courses are also taken by people who are already working in the hospitality industry, for the purpose of improving their knowledge and skills, and adding a degree to their resume so that better opportunities in the field of hotel management open up for them.

Bachelors Degree In Hotel Management

Instead of doing your graduation in science, arts or commerce, if you are sure that you want to make a career in the hospitality industry, it is better to get a bachelors degree in hotel management. There are many good colleges, like the VatelAnsal University, which offer this graduation degree to its students. Like any other graduation course, the duration of this course is also generally 3 years, however, in some cases, depending on the curriculum of the college, this period can get extended. This generally happens, if the college requires its students to do an internship compulsorily for a period of 3 or 6 months, in order to ensure that along with the theoretical knowledge, the graduates from its college, also have the necessary work experience as well. These courses are extremely comprehensive and cover almost all areas of work in the industry like accounting, administration, housekeeping, etc.

MBA Or Masters Degree In Hotel Management

Once a student has successfully completed his or her bachelors degree, they then become eligible to apply to hotel management colleges, offering an MBA degree or a masters degree in hotel managements. However, the bachelors degree is hotel management is not compulsory. The student may have completed their bachelor’s degree in any stream and yet he or she would be absolutely eligible to apply for a master’s degree in hotel management. Like any other MBA programs, these courses are also for duration of two years and are considered to be specialization courses, where the students have the option of choosing a particular field of work within the hospitality industry and specialize in the same. The first year would give the students a general view and understanding of all the aspects related to hotel management and in the second year, the students can choose their specialization.

Thus, based on personal choice and circumstances, students have the freedom to choose between the above options for getting a degree in hotel management.