A perfect balance of theory and practical experience

Business leaders and employers do not only focus on your analytic decision-making and value-adding skills but also on your ability to work in a complex, cosmopolitan and competitive environment. To meet professionals’ current expectations and solve tomorrow’s problems today, VATEL has always based its educational program and teaching methodology on the following main axis

Business World Links

Vatel’s educational methodology is based on the alternation of Academic semesters and Professional work experience throughout practical sessions in our application structures and professional internships with our partners. Professionals recognized as experts in their field participate in our teaching.

Academic Semesters 

Professional Internship Semesters

Students are encouraged daily to cope with real-time operational issues during their practical sessions, weather held at Vatel campus or at our industry partner locations and deal with strategic issues by working on real business cases in the classroom.

Our students are entitled to do practical work during their academic semester so as to be fully operational during their internship semesters. Getting such work experience is a value-added for professionals who can accompany our students in the application of their know-how and hospitality skills. Selected with great care by VATEL management teams, these internships take place in 3 to 5 star hotels, wine and spirits companies and build momentum throughout the entire School program.


An International Orientation

Being part of a network of 25 Management Schools is a strength! VATEL offers training by internationally renowned experts along with opportunity for our students to get an international focus from the first day at Vatel by being drawn in multi-cultural classes as well as career advancement overseas.

At VATEL, we encourage our students to expand their international experiences overseas. Thus, we give students the opportunity to spend their 2nd year of Bachelor program in a different Vatel School, chosen any place in the world. This is an opportunity where students will discover a different country, a new culture, new management modes, while learning another foreign language and continuing their schooling.  Thanks to the Marco Polo exchange program, VATEL students have the opportunity to stay for one year in one of our VATEL partners school during their bachelor program.


Behavioral Approach 

Never forget that what makes the difference is: YOU! We take care of your image in the educational and professional environment by providing you the keys to behavioral success but we also teach you how to manage your image and reputation online. All our “Vateliens” share core values: Solidarity, responsibility, humanity, generosity… Vatel’s DNA shows through not only in the classroom, but also in its stakeholders. Amplifying core values and setting an example is part of the Vatel ethos.

Our students are also responsible for their image online. In a world socially and professionally networked, employers do not hesitate to draw the profile of their future senior managers online. It is our commitment to give our students the keys to manage their image online.