Over 30 years of experience, coherent and consistent 

1981 : Vatel is founded in France 
In 1981, the first Vatel School opened in Paris. Convinced of the necessity of internationally targeted education in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Alain Sebban nonetheless decided to begin by consolidating the Group in France. For the first ten years, he established the Vatel model in France: Campuses opened in Lyon in 1984, in Nimes in 1989 and then in Bordeaux in 1994.

Vatel is the 1 Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Vatel follows the European management methodology for hospitality training thus transmitting the French art of hospitality, recognized throughout the world as a guarantee of quality, good taste and excellence. With over 30 years of experience, VATEL schools located throughout the world across 31 branches, deliver the same internationally targeted courses to 7,000 students based on their unique yet tried and tested mixture of theoretical academic courses followed by professional work experience and application. The VATEL's teaching methodology has proven its efficiency, as over 25,000 VATEL alumni work in some of the most elegant hotels on the globe as members of the executive board, in senior management positions and as operational.

Vatel’s mission
Preparing the next generation to build their own future in the international tourism and hospitality industry

Vatel has chosen to teach the European management method thus transmitting the French art of hospitality, recognized throughout the world as a guarantee of qualitygood taste and excellence.


Vatel’s goal: The success of its students

  • Increasing their skills and know-how;
  • Giving them the tools they need to reach their professional goals;
  • Teaching classes which respond to expectations in the hospitality industry.

The Vatel Spirit, values for life.

 The Vatel Spirit is based on five elements:

  • Forming close links between students and their Vatel School which promises to teach them the methods of succeeding in their future professional activities.
  •  Creating dynamic learning conditions that allow students: 
     - to progressively acquire theoretical knowledge and then put it into practice and use it in their internships, 
     - to be capable of building their own professional projects.
  • Conveying know-how that puts students in the very heart of professional reality, allowing them to experience all the details of tasks they’ll be doing or managing when they graduate.
  •  Introducing them to hospitality related specific skills and values through a dress code, language, a warm and welcoming attitude, respect for others, open-mindedness to other cultures and good linguistic skills.
  • Supporting close relationships with hospitality and tourism specialists through meetings, participation in forums and becoming a part of the dynamic network made up of 27,000 Vateliens

Approved by professionals

An education at Vatel has been a benchmark for over 30 years.
Vatel and its educational curriculum were recognized as of 2003 by the hotel management sector: Vatel won its first Worldwide Hospitality Award, from an international selection of senior representatives in the Hospitality industry. This was a first for a school. Since that time, Vatel has received several Worldwide Hospitality Awards, in the “Best Professional Success” and “Best Educational Innovation” categories.

But the best professional approval comes from our 27,000 alumni, whom we call Vateliens, who now work in the most beautiful hotels on earth and make up a priceless network for their Vatel Campus, their students and Vatel graduates.


Partnerships with large hotel groups

Hotel groups are extremely present in Vatel training courses, as an integral part of the curriculum in conferences, forums, seminars, as well as hosting them for internships and hiring them when they have graduated.
Because of these frequent exchanges, as of their first year, students are in direct contact with professionals in the workplace.